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Fadeless red flag -- bayi coal mining team of Qianqiu Coal Mine of Henan Energy Yima Coal Industry Company

2021-12-20 Source: Henan Energy

  At the foot of the majestic Xiaoshan Mountain,By the surging Yellow River,Bayi coal mining team of Qianqiu Coal Mine of Yima Coal Company of Henan Energy and Chemical Group has successfully tested China's first set of domestic fully mechanized mining equipment,He has successively cultivated "Ten outstanding miners" and several national model workers who moved China,It has been rated as "National Advanced Collective in Coal Industry" for four times.,It was also rated as "Ten red flags on the National Coal Front", "Fifteen Red Flags" and "one hundred red flag Units".,At the same time, it was awarded "National Pioneer of Workers" by All-China Federation of Trade Unions,And henan provincial Party Committee "two excellent one first" advanced grass-roots units and other honorary titles。

  Qianqiu Coal mine Bayi coal mining team built team more than 60 years, hold high the flag, in response to the call, with hard work and sweat cast "heroic good fighting, hard struggle, take the overall situation into consideration, willing to contribute" "Qianqiu Bayi coal mining team spirit"。

  In more than 60 years,Henan energy chemical group Yima coal industry company Qianqiu coal mine Bayi coal mining team with practical action in front, blunt in front, dry in front, top in front,China's first domestic fully mechanized mining equipment was successfully tested,The mining face of medium thick coal seam is the highest record in China,More than 50 million tons of raw coal were produced,We have won 634 collective honors。

  Over the past 60 years, the bayi Coal Mining Team has carried forward the glorious tradition of bravery and good fighting. It has successively produced 21 model figures at provincial level or above, such as Fu Laicheng, one of the "Ten outstanding miners" who moved China, Lu Jinshui, Li Qianjin and other national model workers, and trained more than 1,300 senior management personnel and technical workers。

  In more than 60 years,他们扛稳扛牢“英勇善战”红色旗帜,克服艰苦条件,25个月建成了河南省内首座现代化矿井;参与陕县支建煤矿透水事故救援,成功救出69名被困矿工;4次创下全国煤炭生产纪录,数十年安全生产无事故。

  Set up a monument in heroic battles and arduous struggles

  In August 1965, in response to the central "industrial learning Daqing, agricultural learning Dazhai, the whole nation learning xi people's Liberation Army" call, Qianqiu coal mine changed the name of the eastern coal mining team to Bayi coal mining team。

  In October 1975, Qianqiu coal mine Bayi coal mining team was awarded by the Ministry of coal industry "heroic and good fighting Bayi coal mining team" honorary title。

  Since 2004, Qianqiu Coal Mine Bayi coal mining team joined the national one million tons of coal mining team ranks, since the continuous annual output of more than one million tons。

  Dare to fight, can fight, good at fighting are the characteristics of this team。There are old miners recall that at the beginning of the construction of the mine, qianqiu coal mine has three bitter: live bitter, eat bitter, dry bitter。住的是在乱石林立、沟壑纵横的原野上搭建的干打垒窝棚;吃的是粗粮和豆饼馍;生产工具只有锤子和洋镐。

  Qianqiu coal mine geological conditions are complex, water, fire, gas, impact pressure, coal dust five disasters outstanding, the first generation of coal miners in order to dig more "industrial food", perennial creeping in the dark humid roadway, using the original way of mining, digging coal by hand, creeping coal。

  Lu Jinshui, a "tough coal miner", has worked 443 shifts in just one year, equivalent to 1.5倍;“打碴英雄”黄海林,虎口崩裂、流血、结痂,大锤在手高喊着“溜子不停打碴不歇”;“独目铁人”郭铁立,双眼因公致残,一只眼的眼球全部摘除,另一只眼仅有0.2的视力,戴着眼镜坚持在工作面开溜子,硬是不下火线;“勇士矿工”狄文远,不顾手受伤,依然坚持下井作业,手握不住锨把,他用手腕托着干。There are "selfless and fearless" Lee Ge bottom, "heart red bold" Fan Xinxiang, "old cattle" Zhao Happened, "a good steel" will be daxi, "super full attendance" Xing Keyou, "red butler" Zhang Youcheng, "mine not old song" Liang Shouyi。

  Heroic good fighting and hard struggle of the spirit, so that the bayi coal mining team 10 representatives in October 1975 gloriously marched into the Great Hall of the People。At that meeting, 10 representatives for the Bayi coal mining team back to a still dazzling red banner。On the banner embroidered with ten gilt characters: the heroic bayi coal mining team。

  This is the source of the spirit of qianqiu Bayi coal mining team。

  In consideration of the overall situation, willing to contribute to pass on the fire

  From mining to mechanization, is a technical revolution of bayi coal mining team, no hard work of spirit, no knowledge。In the face of the first set of domestic fully-mechanized mining equipment in New China, Liu Liye, then the director of Qianqiu Coal Mine, did not lift the well for 72 hours continuously, and successively conquered the problems such as the maintenance and use of hydraulic support, transport plane and belt conveyor, and won the special prize of the National Coal Science and Technology Conference in that year。

  Fu Laicheng, who did not graduate from primary school, was armed with a technical manual for fully mechanized mining and an instruction manual for the shearer。Since April 1979, colleagues from more than 80 coal mines have visited bayi Coal Mining team。Bayi coal mining team has trained more than 1000 technical backbones for coal enterprises in Zhengzhou and other places, known as the "seeder" of domestic fully mechanized mining equipment.。

  In 2007, under the command of the Communist Party of China, the Bayi coal mining team rescued 69 trapped miners after 76 hours of fighting。On the second day of the flood accident, lushi County was flooded. Bayi coal mining team dispatched a rescue team and successfully completed the task of rescue and disaster relief。

  Party members should be in the vanguard, model workers in the vanguard, backbone as an example。In Yima Coal Company Gongtie Coal Industry,In the face of working face down, aging unit, mining disorders and other difficulties,Li Xinqiang, a party member, led the technical research group for three consecutive shifts without a well,By constantly testing, adjusting, re-testing, re-adjusting,The four-step frame method of "one note, two discharge, three adjustment and four stability" has been successfully explored,Quickly reversed the passive situation of production。

  In July 2021, zhengzhou was hit by severe floods。The night of July 20, coincides with the upstream of the Jialu River reservoir flood discharge, resulting in henan University in Zhengzhou Longzihu Campus expert apartment underground two floors filled with water, about more than 600,000 cubic meters of water, teachers trapped in high-rise housing, in need of high-power pumping equipment assistance。Critical moment, the rescue team to bayi coal mining team maintenance personnel mainly rushed to the disaster area, "brave and good fighting Bayi coal mining team" flag flying in the rescue scene。

  Henan University assets Management Limited party secretary, general manager Wang Hengbing said: "The yi coal rescue team to join us to see a new hope, 'August I coal miners' energetic style reflects the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises, bear hardships and dedication spirit let people heartfelt admiration!"

  Since July this year, the relationship between supply and demand of the coal market continues to be tense, and the demand for coal is booming. In order to ensure the power supply of the whole province and remove the urgency of burning "coal", "August I coal mining people" insist on giving more coal and good coal under the premise of ensuring safety, and insist on starting from the overall situation, go all out to play a good battle for electricity coal supply。

  Over the past 60 years, bayi coal Mining team has produced more than 50 million tons of raw coal。The raw coal produced by the company is used for power generation, and is also widely used in coal gasification, liquefaction and hydrogenation and other new processes to produce all kinds of high value-added, clean and environmentally friendly chemical products, which are mainly used in aerospace, national defense, high-speed bullet train, new energy, new materials and other fields。


  Bayi coal mining team to consider the overall situation, willing to contribute to the spirit, but also led to the whole mine cadres and workers。Since 2011, qianqiu Coal mine has five employees successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells, treatment of five domestic leukemia patients, known as the "big love five brothers"。

  "Qianqiu Bayi coal mining team spirit" will never fade

  In 1970, the craze of "learning from Daqing and catching up with Kailuan" was set off nationwide。In this context, yima Mining Bureau party committee issued a "far learn daqing, Kailuan, near learn bayi coal mining team" call。

  1975, won the "heroic and good fighting bayi coal mining team" flag, Qianqiu coal summarized to "heroic and good fighting, hard struggle, take the overall situation into consideration, willing to offer" as the core of the "Qianqiu Bayi coal mining team spirit"。Henan provincial Party Committee put forward the slogan "learn daqing, drive Kailuan, drive Yima"。

  In 1978, after China's first set of domestically-made fully-mechanized mining equipment was successfully tested in Bayi Coal Mining Team, more than 80 units from all over the country visited bayi coal mining team to study, and the "spirit of Bayi Coal Mining Team in thousand years" was spread throughout the country。

  What was so fascinating about a coal mining crew that could create a spirit that had a wide impact on the country's coal industry?What is the underlying cause?

  Bayi coal miners firmly answer: is the party's strong leadership, is the red flag in the call。

  In eight one coal mining team, the party branch basically grasps the party to build, protect safety, carry quality, make innovation, tree example, is thought。Bayi coal mining team has not had a single safety accident in its 64 years of existence。

  They are good at party building。Summarized and refined "1234 working Method"。“1”是持续弘扬八一精神;“2”是着力发挥党支部战斗堡垒作用和党员先锋模范作用;“3”是积极打造本质安全型、创新创效型和顾全大局、乐于奉献型三支队伍;“4”是引导党员争做八一精神传承人、政治学习带头人、技能提升示范人、安全生产保险人。They are the first batch of 22 "modernization" construction demonstration party branches of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Henan Province。

  They are good at keeping safe。Always adhere to the "life first, safety first" concept, always aiming at the "safety zero target", always adhere to the menu-style shift, cadre management, sorting, team and group independent management system, always adhere to the safety confirmation, "two to two" and other good habits。Now, this "four always" has become "qianqiu Bayi coal mining team spirit" component。

  They are good at improving quality。Build team up to now, every Tuesday, Thursday evening, Bayi coal mining team should organize workers to attend training, learn business, practice technology, and regular theoretical examination and post operation technology assessment。Bayi coal mining team requires workers must be specialized, the post responsible for the equipment out of order, must be handled within the specified time, please help workers, every hour to pay 8 yuan "tuition"。Today, more than half of the workers in Bayi coal mining group have three job certificates。

  They are good at innovation。After the establishment of "Shao Chunlei Studio", the first studio named after employees of Yima Coal Company, Wang Haitao, a great craftsman from Central China, and "Sun Zhiqiang Innovation Studio" have mushroomed。The editing technology of shearer frequency converter program parameters developed by "Shao Chunlei Studio" has been widely promoted and applied in the company, making the company's comprehensive electric maintenance technology walk in the forefront of the industry。

  Eighty-one mining team adhere to the team education "three one" : new workers into the team heard the first word is to inherit good team wind, the first place to visit is eighty-one mining team exhibition hall, the first lesson is to learn team history。

  伟大的历史,成就伟大的精神;伟大的精神,产生伟大的力量。Socialist construction period,They answered the call of their country,More coal for socialism,Overcome crude production conditions,靠打眼放炮、大锨攉煤拼命地干;改革开放时期,They tried first,It has become the pioneer of the mechanization of fully mechanized coal mining and the test field of equipment upgrading,为煤矿开采工艺的提升立下汗马功劳;进入新时代,They are good at security, good at leading a team, good at strong management, good at innovation,With excellent style cast "brave good at war, hard struggle, take the overall situation into consideration, willing to offer" "Qianqiu Bayi coal mining team spirit"。Handed down from generation to generation, a new generation of bayi coal miners say they want to make the red flag brighter。