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Reform, rebirth, striving to blaze a trail anchor the "two guarantees" delivered a brilliant answer

2021-10-29 Source: Henan Energy

  As the "leader" of provincial enterprises, the reform and rebirth of the group has attracted attention from all walks of life。On October 24, Henan Daily published a full-page article titled "Anchoring the" Two Guarantees ", which made an in-depth report on the achievements of reform and rebirth of the Group company and attracted wide attention。Hereby forward。

  Looking down from the CBD of Zhengdong New District, the office building of Henan Energy & Chemical Group (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Energy") looks like a bar chart of coal and chemical business sectors。From raw coal to various chemical raw materials, henan energy is linked with each other in physical and chemical changes, and completes the leap from quantitative change to qualitative change。

  This former world top 500 super large provincial management enterprises, once fell into production and management difficulties。Since this year,Henan energy reconsiders the pain,With the determination of a strong man,In accordance with the provincial party committee "root change, system broken, governance on the" requirements,Under the guidance of henan Energy and Chemical Group Reform and Rebirth Plan by the provincial government,In order to achieve business efficiency breaking, new financing breaking ice, deepening reform breaking, industrial transformation,The internal driving force of enterprises has grown steadily。So far, the company has achieved a profit of more than 2 billion yuan, three months ahead of the annual profit target。

  Reform is the way out for state-owned enterprises。Li Tao, secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Energy, said that henan Energy will take more courage and bigger measures to become the pioneer of the comprehensive deepening of the reform of provincial enterprises and build the backbone of high-quality development of the province's economy。

  Root change - develop a special fighting spirit

  "Special fighting" is the most energetic red gene in Henan energy。

  Walking into the "Xidajing 1919" scenic spot of coking coal Company, tourists are crowded in front of the British mine derrickframe and the ruins of piedou power plant. The coal seam wall inlaid with pickaxes, pneumatic drills and old mining car wheels has become a trendy selfie place。With 102 years of history, the mine is the birthplace of Comrade MAO Zedong's praise of jiaozuo coal miners' spirit of "special fighting ability". After the mine resources were exhausted, it explored an industrial cultural tourism chain of "black coal impression, green and low-carbon theme, red Party construction memory" and completed the "nirvana" of transformation.。"Mine workers' incomes have quadrupled, and the value of surrounding land has tripled, making it a competitive place for businesses。"Said Wang Baocai, head of the scenic spot。

  In the multiple rounds of reform of property rights system, corporate governance system and marketization mechanism, Henan Energy leads and guarantees the development of the "first priority" with the "first responsibility" of party building, continues to carry forward the fighting spirit of special ability, and aims at restricting the deep-rooted contradictions and key links to implement remolding reform。

  Also in the coal plate,Henan energy is the only backdoor listed enterprise - Henan Dayou Energy Co., LTD,With the capital market early test "water temperature" experience,Load the assets of Alar Energy company as a whole,We will increase the rate of asset securitization,We will increase the scale of direct financing,Enhance corporate liquidity,Turn a deficit into a profit。"Going public can fundamentally solve the problem of capital needed for development and reduce the common problem of high asset-liability ratio。"Henan energy assets integration office deputy director Zhu Xiangguo said。

  Historical experience shows that there is only one way to reform state-owned enterprises, that is to take the road of marketization。Henan Energy uses market means to solve market problems, and it is increasingly clear that listed companies are the best form of diversified and mixed ownership companies, the securitization of state-owned assets is the most correct direction for future development, and the establishment of modern enterprise system and listing is the best institutional arrangement for the success of enterprises。

  System on broken - mixed change to wear new shoes to walk new road

  "The board of directors of the company has decided to appoint Li Guowei as the general manager of the company for a term of three years。"Sanmenxia Daika Wheel Manufacturing Co., LTD., Li Guowei opened the display case to take out the letter of appointment and performance contract, the above performance goals are clearly visible in black and white: 3 years profit to reach 10 million yuan。

  For Henan Energy, this is an important measure of the reform of the personnel system, reflecting the leap of the old state-owned enterprises to modern enterprise governance, it breaks the traditional thinking of the "lifetime system" for the cadres of state-owned enterprises, and is one of the manifestations of the reform of state-owned enterprises。"Dai Ka wheel hub to deepen the personnel, employment, salary three system reform, to achieve cadres can go up, employees can go out, income can increase can decrease。"Said Guo Libin, deputy head of henan's energy organization Department。

  One of the biggest problems in the reform of state-owned enterprises is that their property rights belong to the state, which leads to the contradiction of the impersonal operation of state-owned enterprises。Based on this idea, Henan Energy Let professional managers to manage the enterprise operation and realize the "personalization" of enterprise operation.。Up to now, 971 managers of subsidiaries at all levels have implemented the tenure system by contract, accounting for 87 percent.2%。

  The system is broken, the mechanism is reflected in operation, the system is reflected in construction。Henan Energy focuses on the main business and responsibility, actively introduces strategic investors, insists on "wearing new shoes and taking a new road", and forces in-depth reform。The most obvious change, Henan energy withdrawal from the world's top 500 enterprises competition。In the eyes of the outside world, this is not the pursuit of "large and complete" scale effect ranking, care about the reputation of "specialized and fine" quality effect, adhere to the performance of connotative high quality development road。

  Take one step earlier and one step more

  How far is the raw material from the new material?"No, just a step away。"Henan energy deputy chief engineer, research institute president Jiang Yuanli said。

  From the perspective of the whole industrial chain, upstream resources, materials, midstream semi-finished products, downstream products, the more the competition pattern of upstream products more homogeneous。Henan energy industry chain upstream for a long time, easy to be in a passive situation in the market competition。What do I do?Rely on innovation to break the ice。在伟德体育的产业转型规划中,醋酸可以变成醋酸甲乙丙丁酯,乙二醇可以变成聚酯,这是多走一步;围绕生物可降解材料和功能性新材料,打造全国最大的生物可降解材料和功能性新材料集群,这是早走一步。

  Push through the old to bring forth the new。Henan energy focuses on the development of coal and chemical industries, implements a number of basic and strategic leading landmark projects, and promotes the transformation from traditional energy to new energy and from basic chemicals to new chemical materials, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets。一方面,与中国机械设备工程股份有限公司合作,拟建成国内总产能最大的生物可降解材料生产装置;另一方面,与国电投河南公司、豫景能源公司共同组建新能源公司,规划发展氢能等新能源产业。

  Innovation, is to go one step earlier than others, one step more, one step again。Such ideas and concepts are also reflected in the construction of energy commodity trading platform in Henan。

  Not a single soldier on the screen, but behind the surge of thousands of horses。In the big data command center of Henan Energy International Trade Group, the trading platform electronic screen constantly pulsates the spot transaction numbers of cleaned coal, long-smoke mixed coal, thermal coal, methanol, ethylene glycol and other coal production areas of the group in China, which directly affects the pricing of coal and chemical products in the province。"We also want to take another step, based on Henan, radiating to central China, facing the whole country, give full play to the scale effect of platform economy, promote the integration of digital economy and real economy。"Said Guan Yongwei, general manager of Henan Energy International Trade Group。